Financial Advisors, the real Chanakyas of Today

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Chanakyas of Today

Much is spoken and written about naming the Chanakya of today, articles refer to top Politicians, Economic Advisors, and so on. However, ‘chanakya’ is now a synonym for someone very wise, highly principled, aims for economic progression, and is brutally honest about the path to be taken to achieve it. Before we move on to identifying Chanakya’s of today – let us see read about the story of the Real Chanakya.

The Story of Chanakya

Also known as Kautilya, Chanakya was a man who won battles using his brain. Legend has it that he helped Chandragupta take the throne as a part of a revenge plot. However, the real works of Chanakya and his texts show us that his plan to establish the Mauryan Empire was driven by the need for a New India and New United country as against the then prevalent small kingdoms.

India at that time split into various kingdoms and each king was shadowed in his ego. Chanakya was a great political thinker and he had sensed this great danger for India beforehand and thus planned to tackle this situation. He went to King Dhananand, who was the ruler of Magadha and was very powerful at that time, to unite India and tackle the foreign invasion of Alexander. However, King Dhananand insulted him for his unpleasant looks and did not pay any attention to his words.

Chanakya then took an oath to remove Dhananand from his rule and thus was searching for an effective person to who can be trained and to overthrow Dhananand from his rule. There he found “Chandragupta Maurya”

But, Chandragupta was just a boy aged 10-11 years. Chanakya trained him for nine years and taught him everything about kingship, warfare, administration, and then persuaded him to form his army. At the first attempt, Chandragupta failed, however with some learnings he started acquiring smaller kingdoms around Magadha and then finally attacked King Dhananand, at Pataliputra (Modern Day – Patna) to lay the foundation of the Mauryan Empire. The command of Chanakya on politics and philosophy helped him in making Chandragupta Maurya, one of the greatest Kings of India.

Here is a tale of impressive planning by the great Chanakya, who not only created the greatest empire but also laid down the rules for efficient administration, money management, and politics through his book Arthashashtra. This book was a powerful treatise that helped the rulers of the Mauryan Empire remain in power from 322 BCE to almost 185 BCE in a loose-knit fashion.

Fast forward to today and its relevance –

There are various books written deciphering Chanakya and his teachings which are applicable in today’s times and act as a yardstick for living.

Back then kingdoms were everything! However, modern-day kingdoms are nothing but economic powerhouses known as The Corporate World of the Financial Markets and Capital Markets.

People can be a part of these economic powerhouses by investing in stocks, derivatives, or through fixed income securities issued by these economic powerhouses. The rules governing these instruments are many and highly complex. A person can only navigate the complex route of investments through meticulous planning.

Today’s Chanakyas are those who understand the complex laws and scenarios of our Financial World and can create a fine balance between investors and investments to make it a right fit. There are a large number of Qualified Finance Professionals such as Financial Planners, Distributors, Insurance Advisors, Research Analysts, Chartered Accountants, Independent advisors, and so on who are qualified to guide you through your financial and investment journey.

Here are some qualities that would be ideal for Financial Advisors and their correlation with Chanakya:

Extreme Intelligence and foresight. Chanakya was blessed with extreme intelligence and great intellect. He could make plans in such a way that he had hundreds of back-ups of every situation. He could think way ahead as compared to a normal person. His intelligence was the reason that he could create India’s first largest kingdom.

A financial advisor who can help you think about your future financial situation is a true advisor. A guide or guru who can help you with various life stages and help you align your financial goals with your life stages. Your financial advisor should help you plan for contingencies as well as meet guidance.

A No-Nonsense approach and to the point.
A true Chanakya will have a no-nonsense approach, and will not accept excuses for a poor financial situation. A true financial advisor will guide consumers to develop an understanding of what they want versus what they need, helping them learn to cut the fat out of their financial problems. This strategy will help to prioritize your money approach

Pure behavior, pure conduct, pure mind, and a pure conscience.
It is only the person who has reached the above position who will think of your problems as theirs and not misguide you based on commissions, or other benefits. A person who will look at the needs of the customer vs their own and have the highest transparency in their dealings are the real Chanakya’s.

Understanding a person.
Apart from politics, Chanakya even acquired the knowledge of medicine and astronomy. He had a mastery of “Samudra Shastra” by which he could judge and analyze what a person is thinking by only looking at the facial expressions. This is an art that gets developed over some time. Apart from being good at number crunching and investment ideas, understanding the customer is important. Any steps taken by a financial advisor to understand the customer’s mindset is always a welcome move. Risk profiling and other such tools are an absolute must to make sure that the customer is not unhappy about the investment decisions made.

At Gochanakya – we are building a strong ecosystem so that investment guidance seekers get matched with the right financial experts as per their needs. Gochanakya’s ambition is to create a Level Playing Field for all Financial Advisors and Planners who through technology can provide far more superior Customer Experience and Investment Solutions, and also maintaining their own brand image. By creating an umbrella of products and services – The customers of GoChanakya will be able to participate in any Financial Products endorsed by Quality Financial Professionals.

Our platform allows seamless online chat – which enables investors to seek guidance online.

If you know any good Financial Advisors, Research Analysts, Certified Financial Planners, or Chartered Accountants who are suitable to be listed on GoChanakya – the most premium Financial Professionals Market Place – do drop us a mail at




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